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It’s a Playlist World. Time to Break the Lock-in!

Playlists are moving to the front and centre of music discovery and consumption. They alter the balance of power in the industry in some obvious, and some less obvious ways. So who is winning in a playlist world, and how … Continue reading

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Equal Pay for Equal Play is Only Fair for Streaming

Popular music is popular because it is listened to by more people, and that includes more people who are not such great music fans. The music industry needs to take this kind of information on board as we plan for … Continue reading

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Musicians seem to be on a permanent campaign for more money, and a larger share of whatever’s going. There’s no doubt it’s tough to make a living in music. There are more musicians than there are living wages, and as an … Continue reading

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Three Reasons Why Indie Music Will Thrive

There’s a professional and independent music industry, sandwiched in between the largest corporate and VC funded businesses, and the hobbyist and part time music makers. It is vitally important as a repository of skills and cultural memory, as the guardian of … Continue reading

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Spotify Cannibalises iTunes; Universal Cannibalises Music

Universal Music has been turning in some very unimpressive numbers for parent Vivendi over the last few years. Traditionally record companies blame everyone other than themselves for their failures (I did a brief survey some years ago here). Now in the … Continue reading

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A Global Release Day is the Wrong Kind of Globalisation

Big record labels are gearing up to move their release scheduling so that all new records come out on a Friday at a minute past midnight. They argue that everyone knows anyway through social media when a record is released; that record … Continue reading

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The Dog in the Manger

Nobody ever claims to have contributed to a traffic jam, despite all the evidence around them when they are doing so. And clearly had they not contributed, the jam would have been less of a delay for everyone, especially them. … Continue reading

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Digital Music in 2015

Some ‘state of the nation’ observations about where we seem to be at the end of 2014 in the world of digital music: 1. Only an extreme optimist would make a meaningful bet on the recorded music industry as a … Continue reading

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Streaming Payouts Need Some Simple Tweaks

Continued debate about how to share revenue generated by on-demand music streaming services is less enlightening than it could be, mostly because it is conducted in an almost information free context. We don’t really know how much money is being … Continue reading

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GRD? More Like GOELRO, Comrade!

Music industry watchers will have noted the recent demise of the Global Repertoire Database (GRD), a project so misconceived that its collapse should more properly be greeted with relief than hand wringing and woe. Some background. In 2008 EU Commissioner Neelie … Continue reading

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