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A Humane Approach to Copyright Term

As the increasingly frantic public domain regurgitation business trawls through 1942 deaths of authors and composers (sadly we shall have to wait another 4 years for a copyright free revival of Chu Chin Chow unless someone wants to set the … Continue reading

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Yet Another Private Internet

Lobbyists sometimes try to simplify issues, for policy makers and for grassroots and other supporters, and one of the most potent ideas surrounding Internet policy is that what you don’t like will ‘break the Internet’. Here’s John Naughton neatly encapsulating … Continue reading

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Leapfrog or Lag? Music Tech in Developing Markets

We have been conditioned to think that developing nations are somehow privileged to have the opportunity to skip whole generations of technologies, moving straight to what we in developed economies are embracing because of its promise for the future. Here’s … Continue reading

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