Don’t Trust the Music Cloud

The skies in Cannes this year have been a painfully perfect blue for almost all of MIDEM. The only clouds have been the latest crap that passes for strategy from the music industry. I am with Larry on the cloud.
Given that just about every digital music exec who wants to keep his job has been wibbling on stupidly about clouds for the last six months I thought this study worth sharing. I still find it surprising that people can be wilfully ignorant and yet get paid many times the national average salary, and be allowed to make decisions that affect the viability of their company and their entire industry. As someone much cleverer than I am is bound to have said at some point, that’s life.
But I guess there is something amusing about a bunch of overpaid suits on conference panels sounding more like freak brothers than MBAs.
Hey man, the music is in the cloud!

Contracts for Clouds: Comparison and Analysis of the Terms and Conditions of Cloud Computing Services


Cloud computing offers an attractive solution to customers keen to acquire computing infrastructure without large up-front investment, particularly in cases where their demand may be variable and unpredictable. But the greater flexibility of a Cloud computing service as compared with a traditional outsourcing contract is balanced by less certainty for the customer in terms of the location of data placed into the Cloud and the legal foundations of any contract with the provider. This paper reports on a detailed survey and analysis of the Terms and Conditions offered by Cloud computing providers.

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